truly chosen

The Most Important Books You MUST Read Before You Start Your Next Relationship...

As a growth-oriented human, I know that you love self-study.

You listen to podcasts, read intelligent literature, and hire experts and mentors to help you create the health, wealth, success, fulfillment, and now, LOVE that you truly desire.

Here is the Truly Chosen recommended reading list.

  • Learn the common mistakes successful, empowered entrepreneurs make that keeps them single when they are actually wanting to call in an amazing partner (aka what NOT to do moving forward)
  • Get clear on why you've repeated patterns with partners in the past, or ended up avoided dating all together when you secretly would love a relationship, so that you can end the pattern FOR GOOD
  • Understand exactly what to do differently to create deep, lasting, growth-catalyzing connection with magnificent people SO THAT attracting the kind of partner you want becomes fun and easy

These are the books I recommend the most to my clients and I am confident that they will change your life much as they have done for my clients and me.

🥂 Here's to your legendary love story!!

Theora Moench

Founder, Truly Chosen